Hooked on Fishing? This is your show!

You'll find lots of fishing boats and education at this year's show. In the year of the El Nino, don't miss this incredible chance to catch exotic fish on SoCal's coastline. Now's the time to get your boat ready—and if it's not, get it equipped at the boat show!

NEW Seminars—Free Daily Sessions for Anglers

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Friday, June 20, 2:15pm, seminar tent
“San Diego Saltwater Fly Fishing"— Hosted by Peter Piconi

Friday, June 20, 3:30om, seminar tent
"Cruising Mexico/Paperwork Requirements"—Hosted by Rogelio Gregg

Friday, June 20, 4:45pm, seminar tent
“Sportfishing in Mexico”—Hosted by Enrique Fernandez del Castillo

Saturday, June 21, 4pm, seminar tent
“Travel Briefing: Destination MEXICO. When to go. What to see. Where to fish. Cruising adventures and seasonal calendar”— Hosted by 
Alejandro Santander Habif and representatives of the following Mexican harbors:

  • Ensenada / Baja California
  • San José del Cabo / Baja Californiia Sur (B.C.S.)
  • La Paz / B.C.S.
  • Loreto, Puerto Escondido / B.C.S.
  • Mazatlán / Sinaloa
  • La Cruz / Nayarit
  • Nuevo Vallarta / Nayarit
  • Puerto Vallarta / Jalisco
  • Barra de Navidad / Jalisco
  • San Carlos / Sonora

Sunday, June 22, 10:30am, seminar tent
"Best Practices for Recreational Fishing"—Hosted by Tom Raftican & April Wakeman

Sunday, June 22, 1:00pm, seminar tent
“Sportfishing in Mexico"—Hosted by Enrique Fernandez del Castillo

Sunday, June 22, 2:15pm, seminar tent
"Cruising Mexico/Paperwork Requirements"
—Hosted by Rogelio Gregg

Sportfishing in Mexican waters

If you plan to fish in Mexican waters, please check out the regulations and paperwork. The SAC will help you quick & easy HERE or come and visit Progressive Insurance San Diego International Boat Show free seminars and ask the experts from the U.S. and Mexico themselves!

Hear what the experts have to say… 

Yellowfin and dorado in May within 1.5 day range, Tuna crabs in Yellowtail stomachs already...this season is shaping up to be one of the earliest starts to a warm water season ever. Looks like a strong El Nino is on the rise!”
Bill DePriest, Publisher/Editor Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine


Off the California coast, the stage is set for some of the most exotic fishing witnessed in years. With warmer ocean water traveling north as a result of the likely approaching El Nino, the San Diego region can expect incredible fishing with yellowfin tuna, yellowtail, dorado, and marlin charging the boats. Over the past several years many records have been broken as giant yellowfin tuna migrate into the southern fishing grounds. This season is already months early with significant catches occurring in the warm water. The Sportfishing Association of California (SAC) has a spotter plane scanning up to 200 miles offshore to accurately locate the schools of  incoming fishes."
Ken Franke, President SAC - Sportfishing Association of Califorina


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